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Red Splat This Site can now be viewed at and belongs to keen webmaster by the name of Noah Hearle. It contains, besides much more, movie reviews, including: Lethal Weapon 4, City of Angels, The Wedding Singer and Armageddon. There is summary of games found on my PC and cheats for popular games. There are academic projects and exam results, a page of my favourite stuff and a page full of excellent sites for you to visit. Plus there is the Download Bay which contains many useful utilities, games, screensavers and other things. I will be grateful for any comments at the Guestbook or you can place a question or message on the Bulletin Board, on any topic of interest you like. This site is best viewed in full-screen mode and using a good browser.

Red Splat GamesTake a look at the Games, featuring Dune 2000, KKND2: Krossfire, KKND and Age of Empires, plus organise a date for a game challenge in the Microsoft Gaming ZoneDownload lots of cool games from the Download Bay and some get some great campaigns and scenarios for Age of Empires and play them in the zone by joining the Nahoo Team. If you are at a loss in a game take a look at my comprehensive cheats section and tell me some of your own cheats on any game, just submit them to me and I will place them on the page.

KKND2: Krossfire - Screenshot

Red Splat Write a LetterI have designed this entire site including the adjoining site, using MS FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver 3 and a text editor, and I am solely responsible for its content. If you have any ideas on how to improve anything you see here that would make it stand out from the rest, please tell me. All comments welcome, just click the write icon anywhere in the site or leave your name in the Visitors Book.

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