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Age of Empires

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Red Splat Progress the Aztec civilization through the ages, from humble Asian explorers, to gruesome sacrifical, blood lusting, war-crazed mad men. Fight against the Indians who never want to give up, until they find out how nasty you really are and flee as fast as they can. Includes some really cool introduction pictures. All 12 maps are very carefully designed, with plenty of natural hazards and tactical points, they also look pretty good too. All levels are original and different from one another, each has been tested for playability.

Island of Paradise - Aztec Empire

1 Red Splat Download Aztec.exe
Extract to the campaign folder in Age of Empires
2 Red Splat Check that Aztec campaign is in the correct folder (highlighted), if not move it.
Campaign folder is high-lighted, extract or move to here.
1.3MB Age of Empire Campaigns
Download Aztec.exe now...
Red Splat This campaign is a fictional story about the Aztecs. It begins with the discovery of America by a group of people who would soon become the Aztecs, and ends with the conquest of the area and conversion to Christianity. Maps were done fairly well, and some time was taken to make them. Scenario balance went from extremely easy to quite difficult. However, I assume this was intentional because it is a progression.
The campaign was very creative, in that it had some novel scenarios, and the use of artistic images (dipictions of temples, etc) in place of instruction maps. The amount of creativity in the design of the scenarios made for a high playability rating. Unfortunately, the instructions were the low point of this campaign. Victory conditions were relatively clear, but the story was a little thin in some places, and was not at all historical. Despite this, I consider this campaign well worth the download overall. - Shadow - AofE Granary

Map ****
Balance ****
Creativity *****
Playability ****
Story/Instructions ***
Overall ****


Aztec.exe is 1.3MB and includes twelve scenarios:
Red Splat New World Descovery
Red Splat Raw Aggression
Red Splat Lost Explorers
Red Splat Fishing Competition
Red Splat Sacrifices
Red Splat Rebel Lessons
Red Splat Island of Paradise
Red Splat Seige Power
Red Splat March of the Archers
Red Splat Supernatural Help
Red Splat Battle of the Kings
Red Splat Christian Conversion
Default extraction path:
Red Splat C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\campaign
In the Zone look for:
Red Splat _Nahoo
Red Splat I strongly recommend you to download The David Saga - Ascension of a King (600KB), reviewed as the best at the Granary at AofE Heaven. I have tried it and I have to agree - it is the best I have played so far. Note that AI files need to be extracted to the data folder not the campaigns folder shown above. Send comments to Imhotep.
Overall *****
Red Splat The Age of Empires Whiz Kid: Imhotep, has recently produced a sequel: David Saga - King David (630KB). I strongly recommend that if you have Age of Empires, you cannot  leave this one on this page, you muust download it. It is truely excellent in every way. The promise of victory and kingship await you in this campaign! Can you reunite the kingdoms of Judah and Israel to become the one king of God's people? It is the third Campaign where he has got full marks at the Granary.
Overall *****

David Saga 2 - King David

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