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Age of Empires

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Red Splat Available for you to download are multiplayer scenarios, and a new single player scenario which involves building a city, neutralising the clan of The Evil Eye, calming industrial dispute between other tribes working under you by returning the stolen treasure to the Gold Miners. This has be done with minimal intervention with workers, otherwise they will strike against you. Watch out, or otherwise before the Evil Eye might take-over completely.
This scenario is carefully put together to ensure good playability and overall scenario design. I am please with the "Evil Eye". To see what I mean, download (170KB) it to play straight away.

Age of Empires Scenario - Attack of the Evil Eye

Age of Empires - Attack of the Evil Eye Scenario 170KB
Download Attack of the Evil Eye now...


Red Splat I have made a selection of mulitplayer scenarios for Age of Empires. Screenshots of the four multiplayer maps can be found below. If you wish to play against or with me at the zone (using these scenarios), I would be happy to meet you there.


1 Red Splat Either download multiplayer scenarios or run program from current location
Extract to the scenario folder in Age of Empires
2 Red Splat Check that scenarios are in correct folder (shown highlighted), if not move them there.
Scenario folder is high-lighted, extract or move to here.
170KB Age of Empire Scenarios
Download multiplayer scenarios now...
Red Splat These scenarios are designed to be played with other players over a local network or at the zone. There is a page where you can arrange to meet me at the zone. I have a copy of these scenarios and would really appreciate a game with someone else.
Scenarios.exe is 170KB and includes four compressed scenarios:
Red Splat Multiplayer Hera's Ruins (4-Player only).scn
Screenshot of Hera's Ruins
Red Splat Multiplayer Quad Battle (4-Player only).scn
Screenshot of Quad Battle
Red Splat Multiplayer Kross 'n' Kill (5-Player maximum).scn
Screenshot of Kross'n'Kill
Red Splat Multiplayer Temple Offering (4-Player maximum).scn
Screenshot of Temple Offering
Default extraction path:
Red Splat C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires\scenario
In the Zone look for:
Red Splat Nahoo
Red Splat Join the Nahoo Clan

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