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Age of Empires

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Red Splat Please have a look at a cool Age of Empires quiz page and a new advanced quiz, before going anywhere else. As you may have noticed the revamped appearance and features of the Microsoft Gaming Zone, you might have missed my new Clan "Nahoo", which can easily be found listed there. I have designed Evil Eye and other cool multiplayer scenarios for Age of Empires and these can be downloaded and previewed in the Scenarios page. Aztec Empire Campaign has been released after loads of work, please download this and Attack of the Evil Eye and to play. Rise of Rome continues from Age of Empires following the rise of the Roman empire. Visit the Age of Empires - Rise of Rome page, at the Microsoft site, for details. The full demos of all versions of Age of Empires are available for you to download at the Download Bay.

AofE2 - Age of Kings

Red Splat

There are many cool reviews and add-ons to Age of Kings, available at AoKNetwork in GameTropics, a site designed by me based on the screen above. Josh kindly sent me this updated information on the game.

* You can create up to 200 units even in a normal match.
* Your units won't be stocked any-more in the way (apparently this is still untrue). They will have the AI to find the right path.
* The units can guard a place (not a building), chase the enemy units and try to kill them. They will come back if the unit is dead or ran away. They can also patrol an area.
* If the units in a formation have to go through a narrow place, they will be automatically be in a line formation, and when they pass it they will automatically return to their original formation.
* You can ask the AI for a tribute, often and your ally will help you with 100 of what you ask for.
* Regicide victory condition is where its capture and kill the king to win.
* You can kill the trade carts that are produced and you can steal any unfinished farms your dead enemy left behind.
* The samurai will have a sword, but are not very good against archers and catapults.

Horse Archer

Red Splat After four scans at 300lpi, several cuts, pastes and touch-ups, the result is the complete chart over the ages for Age of Empires. The image is very large at 1MB, but the quality is worth it.

Age of Empires Chart of the Ages - WARNING: This image is 1MB!

Red Splat I have made my very own Age of Empires cartoon (Agetoon). What do you think?

Jason - Hero of many talents

Red Splat If anyone wishes to challenge or play Age of Empires with me please don't hesitate to arrange for a game at the zone. In the zone search for my team: Nahoo, find me and play AoE as a group or chat; if we get on you will be added to my "friends" list.

War Elephant

Red Splat Do you keep hearing noises before and during a multiplayer game? Have a look at the listing of the first 100 taunts and download some of the official taunt packs!


Red Splat Here is a screenshot of the sequel to Age of Empires: Age of Kings. This follows the development of civilizations over 1000 years, from the dark ages. Units and buildings are more proportional to each other than in the original game. Take a look at the official site for yourself.

Age of Kings - Fire Galley

AofE2 - Age of Kings

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