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Here is a list of the games found on my computer. Click the game you want to view.

Red Splat Age of Empires Red Splat Descent Red Splat Dune II
Red Splat Dune 2000 Red Splat Duke Nukem 3D Red Splat Have a NICE Day
Red Splat Krush Kill 'n' Destroy Red Splat KKND2: Krossfire Red Splat SimCity 2000
Red Splat Tetris Red Splat Worms Red Splat


Red Splat Write a LetterMy favourite type of games are strategy as I like controlling armies or civilisations, buildings bases or empires and defeating the enemy. This, and other related pages, have won a prize for one of the best Krossfire site there are around. I also have another cool site, specialising in nothing but strategy games, The WarZone and Planet KKND 2 hosted by my big brother gaming site HotMagma; explore around here first. Comments are welcome, as are game site submissions.

  Krossfire Top 10 Fan Site

KKND2: Krossfire

KKND 2 - Three Armies

New custom made missions can be downloaded from this site or the official KKND2 site, all missions are now available, including 4 multiplayer missions. Internet multiplaying services are still not available. Kali may eventually get around to adding KKND2 to their list of games, and possibly other sites including MPlayer, Ten or Wireplay. There are many cool Krossfire strategies page which you must have a look at, strategies can easily be submitted from this page. Level downloads are also available from the KKND2 Site. The strategy competition for Krossfire experts to submit their secrets has now closed, but a new competition is underway. If you have any hints, tips, things to say about the game, I will post them on the Krossfire, Strategies or the cheats page. Just type in some cool strategies at Krossfire Strategies or send a cheat.

KKND2: Krossfire - Introduction video screenshot " One hundred years ago, a nuclear war totalled the planet, leaving only two groups of people alive. Of these people half scuttled underground, avoiding radiation, and formed the Survivor army. The other half stayed on the surface, mutated like crazy, tamed some freaky beasts and called themselves The Evolved. In 2140, they fought for ownership of the surface, and another two splinter groups fled this war.

" It's now 2179, and both groups have met on the surface to fight for it again, only to find a third army also wants some action. "

KKND2: Krossfire - Introduction video screenshot

If you know any cheats for Krossfire, other than the ones listed, you can add them to the cheats page.

Mac Tan sent me this five step cheat: 1. Edit the unit; 2. Play soloplay at multiplayer with the team you edited; 3. Exit multiplayer and play single player; 4. Choose the team that you edited; 5. Play the team. You will find the unit is the same as the unit you edited. Please don't ask me about this cheat, I don't understand it either!

KKND2: Krossfire - Introduction video screenshot

I have just completed a new Krossfire page, I made it using Splash, it contains a few cool scripts and the chance for you to choose your favourite my, and there are also few tips on playing the game. If you have any custom made missions, like my mission Treble Trouble or Camp Inspection, they can easily be added to this site, just tell me. If you wish to challenge other people using TCP/IP join  the Krossfire Clan.

KKND2: Krossfire - Screenshot

Visit the Planet KKND 2, the definitive site for KKND2: Krossfire.

Planet KKND 2

There are new features, in this sequel, and a new army of robots, as well as the previous two, fighting for supremacy of the post-apocalyptic Earth.

Laser Trooper - Survivors   Homing Bazookoid - Evolved  Cauteriser - Series 9  Responsebot - Series 9 Cannon Tower - Survivors  Big Pig - Evolved  Missile Crab - Evolved  Doom Dome - Series 9 

There is a demo of Series Nine - the robot race, Evolved - deformed guys and Survivors - cool dudes with an attitude, available to download at the KKND2 Download Page.

KKND2: Krossfire - Screenshot of a Demo Level (15MB) - DOWNLOAD

Krush Kill 'n' Destroy
I think this game is a great strategy game. I only know one cheat for this game, see the cheat page. I have found a program which you will be able to edit the units in the game, download your copy of KKND Editor, it is only 40KB.

Crab - KKND" The 21st Century looked as if it was going to be a golden era. Wars were at an all time low, nuclear arsenals were cut down to a fraction of what they once were and the environmental disasters feared by the 20th Century never materialised, through a combination of nano-technology to clean up the existing problems and then shifting heavy industry to space.

"But then in 2079 it all went wrong.

"Warheads rained down from space and within the space of a week a quarter of the worlds population was exterminated as cities became glowing radioactive furnaces..."

Auto Cannon - Evolved

Here is a screen-shot of the initial video sequence.

KKND Video Sequence

Tip: To complete levels, with maximum technology you are guaranteed success if you train loads of Snipers/Crazy Harrys, these mow down the enemy before they have a chance of attacking. They are more effective if placed lines or arch-shaped around where enemy appears, this ensures all the men get an opportunity to fire and the enemy has to attack each Sniper/Crazy Harry individually.

Mastodon - Survivors

Tip: In many levels the enemy has unguarded or poorly guarded derricks, take a group quickly, avoiding trouble, and destroy the derrick. Sometimes they are not replaced and even when they are they considerably hinder the enemy, their future attacks will be less powerful.

Beast Tent - Evolved

Age of Empires
If anyone wishes to challenge or play Age of Empires with me please don't hesitate to arrange for a game at the zone.  I am have made a fictional campaign about the Aztec civilisation and an earlier industrial dispute with Attack of the Evil Eye and four multiplayer scenarios. You can arrange for a game at the zone. Download some great download it now, have a look at the review for an expert opinion.

Age of Empires Screenshot

There are many great ancient civilisations to choose to conquer other empires. The graphics are slick and realistic and the choice of buildings and characters are immense. Game play is good and it utilises both mouse buttons.

Helepolis - Arrange a time to play Age of Empires at the Zone

Zone LogoVisit the Internet Gaming Zone to play in teams or head to head against other AofE owners or arrange a time to meet me at the zone. I have added the complete listing of taunt packs to the Age of Empires section. Take a look at the concise list of cheats available to help you along.  I now have a detailed JPG version of the chart which shows how the civilisations advance through the ages, its 1MB in size.

Age of Empires Video Sequence

Age of Kings, the sequel to Age of Empires, is near completion and will be available to buy later this year. Here is a screenshot of the game, as you can see there is a great improvement in scenery and overall realism.

AofE2 - Age of Kings

Dune 2000
I have recently received a copy of this game: the sequel to Dune 2. It is surprisingly similar to the original game, same intro but with better graphics, almost exactly the same units, briefing video sequences which you cannot understand, even if you can speak Polish fluently. Units and buildings take ice ages to complete, but at least the music is very atmospheric.

Atreides Base - Dune 2000 Screenshot

If there are any cheats for this game please add them to the cheats page. Any add-ons or levels strategies are welcome. Please do not be to put off on what I have said or, you can tell me what you think about the game.

Planetary mining has gone terribly wrong, it is your mission to destroy savage robots inside the mines and the mine itself.

Descent Screenshot

Have you got Worms? I am getting quite good at using grenades and bazookas. Check out Worms 2 site.

Worms+ Screenshot

Cheats for Worms are listed in the cheats page.

Duke Nukem 3D
A popular classic. The aim of the game is to slaughter all monsters in sight an then nuke the whole area. Better played without the cheats or otherwise there is no contest. Cheats are listed for this game.

Duke Nukem 3D Screenshot

SimCity 2000
A simulation, where the aim is to build a successful city with your own personal touches, I have loads of archeologies for example. In Water World I have over $2 billion in the bank on this game (Waterworld), earning over $300K a year. The game cannot handle so much money, so it crashes! Please take a look at the cheats page.

Water World - SimCity 2000 Screenshot

Have a N.I.C.E. Day
This is a German racing game with fast cars and cool weapons. The tracks are complete with loop-the-loops and jumps. I have not met anyone who has ever heard of this game before, have you seen it? You can just about see two cars jumping over a ramp in the screenshot.

Have a N.I.C.E. Day

Have a N.I.C.E. Day


Does this game need any explaining? If it does, you are living in the wrong century.


Dune II
There are three armies who fight over spice, a precious resource for space travelling. The emperor needs the spice to maintain power over the civilisations, but there is a danger of him being overthrown as the armies become more powerful.

Dune II

This is an old strategy game, Command & Conquer was based on the idea. I have constructed an individual page for the game with more screenshots and quite a few downloads, including the full version of the game. I have found a cheat which will solve the very irritating building limit in the game.

Atreides Base - Dune II Screenshot

Age of Empires Downloads
Download Age of Empire Aztec Empire Campaign
Age of Empires: Rise of Rome Download Age of Empires - Rise of Rome. The size is 22MB and will take 3 hours to download at 28.8Kbps.
Microsoft Age of Empires Download Age of Empires.  The size is 28MB it will take 3 hours to download at 28.8Kbps.
AofE Aztec Empire Campaign Download the Age of Empires Campaign Aztec Empire. The size is 1.3MB.
AofE Aztec Empire Campaign Download Attack of the Evil Eye Scenario. The size is 170KB.
AofE Scenario Icon Download Age of Empires Multiplayer Scenarios. The size is 165KB.
Download 1.0B Patch from Microsoft Download Age of Empires 1.0B Upgrade. The size is 1MB. Please look at details.
Worms Download
Download Worms+

All downloads can now be found at 

Dune 2 Download
Download Dune 2

All downloads can now be found at 

Tetris Download
Download Tetris

All downloads can now be found at 

Slam Download
Download Slam

All downloads can now be found at 


Red Splat If you need or have any tips or strategies in the following games please tell me. Cheats are revealed for games listed in this page and other games at the cheats page. Please submit any cheats which you have found, from a friend on the internet or maybe by mistake.

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