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Red Splat

Due to the increasing popularity of this page as a starting point for the internet. I have added a cool new page showing all the sites I have contributed to and made. Please have a look at my sites, then send me some comments on what you think about the sites.

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Link your site to mine using this banner, just copy the source here. Nahoo Banner

A Aardman Amazing UK plasticine animators and film makers
A Abyss 18 Friend's cool site, subject matter is a bit unclear
A AoK Network Latest strategy revelation has its own network
A Ain't It Cool Everything hot on new movies
A All Advantage Get paid money for spending time online!
A Altavista Amazingly comprehensive search engine
A Animal Tracks Ty bears and other collectables - designed by me
A Arrakis Watch a new DOS strategy game develop
B Beeb UK TV/Radio schedule, exclusive interviews
B Big Brother Real life in one UK house open to millions 
B Brushes Exceptional high quality water-colour brushes
C CGI Resources Fabulous resource for sites, you must go here
C BBC Cult Star Trek, Red Dwarf, X-Files... Cult heaven!
C Cornish Design Consortium of website designers in Cornwall
C Cybercount Huge selection of counters for your web site
D Dark Horizons Informative US site on films and TV
D Derbauer Cool German flash site pre-loaders and design
D Design Extreme Amazing sites with an edge
D Pipex Dial Fastest internet provider available: Dial to Pipex
D Download Downloads forever!
E Electronic Arts Computer game makers
E Emulation Zone Play consol games with some amazing emulators
E English in Cornwall Stay in Cornwall and learn the English language
E Eye One Cool Macromedia Flash games
F Fifth Element Official Sony site, see movies
F Fishy News Sounds real fishy to me
F Font Addict Some really groovy fonts to jazz up your computer
F Fortune City 20MB of free web space with no irritating pop-ups
F FMJ Padlock Computer Security Systems - Safe computers
F Free Web Space Search facility to find the ideal free web space
G Game Tropics Tropical site on strategy and simulation games
G Gateway Irish-made computer company
G Gateway Net Very, very fast and very free ISP (not 0800 number)
G Game Reality Neat games site, made by Fuel and I
G Go Mail The best and shortest web based mail:
G GSX Playstation gaming site hosted by HotMagma
H AoE Heaven Definitive site for all AoE gamers
H Hexadome Amazing online, real-time strategy game
H HotMagma My brilliant all-round gaming site
H Hotmail Free and probably almost secure, web based mail
I IGN Definitely the coolest gaming network
I IMDB Unmatchable number of movie reviews and stats
J Java Source Copy and paste free java
K Konrab Friend's personal website with some neat design
K Krossfire Clan Post-apocalyptic strategy gaming clan
L Live Cursors Add amazing live cursors to your site
L Lotus Downloads Some cool downloads to add to your computer
L Lycos FTP Search Efficiently obtain almost any file on the net
M Movies Latest movies releases
M MBT Top quality computer training services for Cornwall
N Nahoo Empire Cool site hosting service for related sites
N Nina's Site Neat colourful site designed by Nina and myself
O Ogre's Net Ogre's latest high-content strategy game site
O One and Only Lots of money for skint webmasters
P Party World Balloons, costumes and masks - designed by me
P PC Pro Computer magazine
Q QuikSite Lightning fast, fully customisable site design service
Q Quintessential Tips Smoking tips and emporium of accessories
R Rabid Carnivore Neat Counter-Strike clan for enthusiasts
R Raging Search Clear and easy to use search engine from Altavista
R Red Hot Ant Fixed-rate ISP with a decent bandwidth
S Safe Audit Fantastic results for your site with banner advertising
S Sega Games Hundreds of free classic Master System games
S Shareware Loads of programs to share
S Smile Extremely secure and fast online banking in UK
S Star Trek To boldly go to the official Trekky site
T Team 17 Computer game makers
T Tetra 2000 Downloadable custom designed wallpapers
T The Net TV programme about computers and Internet
T Through the Ages Ensemble Studios game information from Ogre
T Tripod One of the better free web hosting services
U UCAS Search for the courses you want at UK universities
U UUNet World's fastest internet service
V Valiant Computing Great computer suppliers with loads of bargains
V Value Web Mid to High-end hosting at an affordable price
W WarCraft III Net Another great site on this great game
W WarZone Strategy games WarZone - made by me
W Web Tapestry Good value web hosting in UK
W WinFiles Everything you could want for Windows 95 and 98
W World at Ruins New online roll playing strategy game
X X-Stream Totally free calls, anytime, through moderate ISP
Y Yahoo Excellent search directory
Z Zone Multiplayer's paradise

Red Splat

If you think you have a really cool site in design, content or originality, I would like to include it on this page. Suggestions are also very welcome. All sites shown on this page have been checked for so they meet the hot rating needed. Just enter the site at the Submit a Site page.

Red Splat The Cornish sites listed on and other sites, if you see your URL to be displayed please contact me. If you do/do not wish your site to be viewed, please tell me.

Cornwall AZ

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