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On this page you will find everything about Dunedit. Even the Scource Code!
Scroll down and you will find plain text and new stuff for Dunedit. 2 Tools. Some Documents and A HTML Help. Is still in progress.

What is new in Dunedit?

Dunedit is refreshed. Now you can build your base ten times faster. View the seedmaps before you use them and you don't have to worry now when you type a wrong seed number or filename! And the seed files are updated again. Now you can see all details! I will explain this below.

* Better Interface (Create your level 10 times faster!)
Dunedit haves now a new interface. By programming a default House and Default Action you don't have to fill in many sections. You can set the Defaults and begin placing. That means that also the Walls and Slabs are now for the default house.That is an advantage because in the earlier version you could not place slabs for your self. The Slabs would be for the Fremen. So you could not place a building on the slabs. Now you can!
* View Seedmaps before using them in dunedit, also see a list of all available maps.
A new function in dunedit is the key L, you will see a list of all available seed maps in dunedit. Press V and you can view the maps! Handy before using. And no more guessing!
* Dunedit haves now a Save My Level When Dunedit Crashes system.
I think that everybody had this problem atleast one time! Busy creating a map. Then whoops! You just opened the menu and choose load file. You just type something. and dunedit crashes because the file does not excist. or.. You where busy creating a map. A friend comes and you want to show a other created map. But you did not safe your level first. Then you type a wrong file number and dunedit crashes. Your level is gone and you have to sart over. Not anymore! Now Dunedit will save your level before dunedit will crash after typing an invaldid filename.
* Seed Maps are updated! (Again)
Seed maps are now updated for maximum detail. Now you can see everything. Sand, Rock, Spice, High Rocks. And the format of the files is different. It is smaller and faster to read for dunedit. Only advances!


Dunedit haves now more Building info about the Contsruction Yard and Starport. More seed maps revailed. And a contest for the Best Intro screen for Dunedit.

Tools for Dunedit

I release 2 tools i used with Dunedit and for Dunedit. 1 Tool is very important the other isn't.
The 2 tools are:

* A Seed Revailer
* A Seed Viewer

The most important tool is the Seed Revailer. This tool will create a .MAP file for Dunedit. How it works is described in the TXT file.

Screenshots of DuneEdit

Screenshots of Dunedit 1.20, Dunedit 1.21 haves the same interface

Dunedit 1.20 Screenshot. More details. You can see which seed number is used. And the Name of the Scenario. Also the Seed Map is more detailed!

DuneEdit Screenshot


Explenation picture. This picture is also used in the HTML Help. One detail is missing. That is the gens number. But that doesn't matter.

DuneEdit Screenshot

Very Impressive isn't it?
Look at the ScreenShot Page for screenshots of levels i made with Dunedit. All levels are created by Dunedit. Also you can see some screenshots about the Dunedit Save my Level When Dunedit Crashes (SMLWDC).

That's all for now. Go to the Download Page to download Dunedit. Dunedit Tools, Dunedit Seeds and more. You can also download the DUNEDIT COLLECTION PACK. This file contains everything what you can download in the download section. Only this is in one file.

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