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Stephan Hendrik's Dune II

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Download everything here you want! All Pictures are from Dune 2000.

Welcome the Download Page: Below you can find Dunedit and other Tools for Dunedit.


* Click HERE to download the MAPMAKE Program! Updated to verison 1.02!
* Click HERE to download the Random Map Generator! Totally rewritten!

Dunedit is updated to version 1.24, look below!

In this Section you can download Maps and New Levels

Download Click on Dune to download All Dune 2 Original Levels Extracted from the Scenario.pak
They are modified for Dunedit, so they can be read by Dundit.
Download Click on Dune to Download all Seed Maps, zipped 42 Kb. All ATREIDES and HARKONNEN are
revailed, plus 6 unknown seed maps!
Click on the Ordos Logo to download some Ordos Levels, now 1 Leves
Download Click on the Harkonnen logo to download some Harkonnen Levels, now 1 level
Download Click on the Atreides logo to download a Campaign for this house!

In this section you can download Dunedit 1.23 and more.

Download Dunedit 1.24  

Click here to Download Dunedit 1.24 ( 78KB) Updated!!!!!

And shrunk in size! You need to download the and some levels to view the
cool levels.

Download HTML Help files Click here to Download The Dunedit HTML-Help files. +386 KB Updated!!!!!!!!
Download Click here to Download the Seed-Viewer and Seed-Revailer

For people, who would wanna do it the hard way!


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