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Stephan Hendrik's Dune II

He who controls the knowledge...
...controls Dune 2
- Stefan

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Dunedit is updated to Version 1.24
Welcome to the New Page of Dunedit. This is the Mainpage

Dunedit Updated to version 1.24
Updated again... last time in this layout!

Within some weeks you'll see a better layout and more downloads such as a patch for dune 2, probably Arrakis demo and more.....

Ok, because i was in a good mood i played Arrakis a little and made a screenshot of a victory, you will see something like this if you DON'T play movies!


I'm busy creating a new page layout.

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BTW: Arrakis demo will be coming soon!!!!


Left --> DUNEDIT 2

Right--> D2KMAP

At the screenshots page, you can find more pictures now!


* Arrakis 60% Completed...
* D2KMAP 2% Completed...
* DUNEDIT II 7% Completed...


Mail me for your advice,comments,ideas,and more!

New Seed-Revealer for Dune 2, easier to use. You only need Dune 2 and Getmap+OutMap
Click HERE for more information.

The Random Map Generator is totally rewritten, a special page about this program can be found here.

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New A LINK Page, here you have find some links of friends and other people i met.


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WOW! OVER THE 10000! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


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- Pictures are taken from Dune 2 and Dune 2000.
Long Live The Fighters!

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I promise that within a week i will have a better layout and a fast loading page then...


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