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Dune II


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Atreides Ordos Harkonnen
Ordos Harkonnen


Red Splat A group of Devastators are a formidable offensive or defensive force, but make sure you have a Repair Centre surrounded with walls, as well as a couple of Carryalls. This way, they can attack, do what damage they can, get repaired, and start attacking again. If one is about to be destroyed, it is better to destruct it than to let it explode as it does more damage on Self-Destruct.


Harkonnen Mid-Difficulty Level Screenshot


Red Splat

If you have a Death Hand Missile ready to launch, let it fly! While extremely powerful, it is also the most highly inaccurate projectile. Target them towards a group of buildings; if you're lucky they might hit the target! What you aim for and what you hit are generally two very different things, but their power is undeniable! However, if you put the pointy end of your mouse on the top of a structure's flag when aiming and simultaneously hold down the letter T, this missile will destroy that structure and those around it in a single shot. Another method of firing the Harkonnen Death-hand, to improve accuracy, is to judge the distance between your palace and your target. Give it a number between 1 to 10 based on the length of the map, 1 is right next to your base and 10 is a whole map screen away. Fire the Death Hand on the corresponding number on the countdown. If you want to improve accuracy in a more tedious way, you can save the game just before launch, then reload the game until you hit the required target. To find some more cheats, have a look at the Dune II Hints.


Level Buildings and Units Available
Level 1 Troopers and Trikes
Level 2 Light Factory and WOR with Quads
Level 3 Light Factory and WOR with Quads
Level 4 Heavy Vehicle Factory with Combat Tanks 
Level 5 Gun Turrets and Rocket Tanks
Level 6 Rocket Turrets, Starport, High Tech Factory and Siege Tanks
Level 7 House of IX with Devastator Tanks
Level 8 Palace with Death Hand Missiles
Level 9 All technologies available


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