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Dune II


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Atreides Ordos Harkonnen
Atreides Ordos Harkonnen


Red Splat To use Fremen effectively you need to build as many palaces as you can afford, generate Fremen as often as possible, and overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers of them. They are very useful for mapping out the enemy base, but as you can't control their movement, it makes the mapping somewhat erratic. In the unpatched version, Rocket Turrets don't fire on them, only vehicles that are being attacked. In the patched version (version available on this site) they are fired upon by rocket turrets.


Atreides Final level Screenshot


Red Splat

They are most effective against foot units, which they can destroy in two hits. They are also very useful against Rocket Turrets, provided you put the Game Speed to Fast/Fastest, as this is a bug which increases their range.


Red Splat

Saboteurs are not worth training as they are highly unlikely to break through any solid defence. In general, save your money, don't build a palace, and buy other units instead. If you do want to use them, it is best to send them both (you get two at a time) against the same target, generally a turret. The first one will hopefully destroy the turret and the second one should destroy the building behind it. Even better, try to get them to destroy the opposing palaces. Be sure that you always leave a direct path from the palace to the target - they will destruct on the first building they come to, yours or the enemy's.  More cheats and hacks can be found at the Dune II Hints page.


Level Buildings and Units Available
Level 1 Light Infantry and Trikes
Level 2 Barracks and Light Factory with Quads
Level 3 Barracks and Light Factory with Quads
Level 4 Heavy Vehicle Factory and WOR with Combat Tanks and Troopers
Level 5 Gun Turrets and Rocket Tanks
Level 6 Rocket Turrets, Starport, High Tech Factory and Siege Tanks
Level 7 House of IX with Sonic Tank and Ornithopter
Level 8 Palace with Fremen
Level 9 All technologies available

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