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1. Equinox II
With Voyager under attack by the aliens, Janeway plots to recapture Captain Ransom. He and the Equinox crew however are equally determined to escape with the Doctor and Seven of Nine as hostages.
Air Date: September 22nd 1999
2. Survival Instinct
A visit to a space station brings Seven of Nine into contact with her former Borg crewmates, Two, Three and Four of Nine, who wish to access her memories in order to recall their break from the collective.
Air Date: September 29th 1999
3. Barge of the Dead
Torres confronts a dark side of her Klingon ancestry when she asks a skeptical Janeway to allow doctors to induce a coma-like experience that will allow her to aid her condemned mother who is held aboard a mythic Klingon death barge.
Air Date: October 6th 1999
4. Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
The Doctor's daydreams take on dangerous dimensions when an alien voyeur sees those fantasies as reality.
Air Date: October 13th 1999
5. Alice
Paris purchases an abandoned ship with a bio-neural interface - allowing the pilot to fly the vessel by thought. Soon however the ship's system begins manipulating Paris to carry out evil deeds.
Air Date: October 20th 1999
6. Riddles
Janeway rushes to uncover why a mysterious energy force is causing Tuvok's Vulcan physiology to endure severe trauma in the form of emotional unpredictability.
Air Date: November 3rd 1999
7. Dragon's Teeth
Fleeing from a hostile alien race, the crew awaken the slumbering survivors of a devastated world - survivors who bent on retaliating against their ancient enemies.
Air Date: November 10th 1999
8. One Small Step
In the early 21st century, the Mars Orbiter - the first manned mission to Mars disappeared. Centuries later, Voyager averts destruction by a rolling ball of deadly energy but must head into it to retrieve the legendary spacecraft caught in its wake.
Air Date: November 17th 1999
9. The Voyager Conspiracy
After probing a space "catapult", Seven-of-Nine believes the crew of Voyager is being deceived in a secret mission intent on sabotaging the Federation - and the captain is the key conspirator.
Air Date: November 24th 1999
10. Pathfinder
On Earth, Reg Barclay has become so obsessed with contacting Voyager that he starts interacting well with holo-representations of the crew. He seeks out help from Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis).
Air Date: December 1st 1999
11. Fair Haven
As a neutronic storm strikes Voyager, members of the crew visit a holodeck program that re-creates a placid Irish village, where sparks fly between Janeway and a local publican.
Air Date: January 12th 2000
12. Blink of an Eye
Voyager is trapped in orbit around a primitive planet whose inhabitants are in the midst of a rapid technological evolution that inspires a plot to attack the ship.
Air Date: January 19th 2000
13. Virtuoso
The Doctor strikes a chord among a visiting group of haughty aliens when he unexpectedly touches off a craze with his singing talents.
Air Date: January 26th 2000
14. Memorial
Post-traumatic stress disorder is pervasive after Chakotay and his shuttle crew begin hallucinating - convinced they participated in a massacre on an alien world.
Air Date: February 2nd 2000
15. Tsunkatse
Tuvok is injured when he and Seven get captured by a bounty hunter, and Seven is forced to fight in their "pit fighter" type of game called Tsunkatse to save Tuvok's life.
Air Date: February 9th 2000
16. Collective
A group of five Borg children separated from the Collective kidnap some of the crew and blackmail the rest in an attempt to rejoin the Collective.
Air Date: February 16th 2000
17. Spirit Folk
The crew return to Paris 'Fair Haven' holographic program where the characters suddenly become self-aware and realise the crew aren't all they seem.
Air Date: February 23rd 2000
18. Ashes to Ashes
A race who lives in the dead bodies of other species reanimates a crew member/ex-flame of Kim's killed years ago and visits Voyager. Meanwhile, Seven tries teaching the Borg children.
Air Date: March 1st 2000
19. Child's Play
The oldest Borg child Icheb is reunited with his parents who give Voyager the ability to scan for wormholes, but soon the crew begin to realise a secret about Icheb the parent's are keeping.
Air Date: March 8th 2000
20. Good Shepard
Janeway shepherds three troubled crew members on a short mission to help them adjust to their job demands, but an unexpected attack threatens their lives and four must work in unity together.
Air Date: March 15th 2000
21. Live Fast and Prosper
The crew hunts for a trio of scam artists who have assumed the identities of Janeway, Chakotay and Tuvok in order to con their unsuspecting victims out of valuable supplies.
Air Date: April 19th 2000
22. The Muse
B'Elanna becomes an unwilling muse when the Delta Flyer crashes on a warring planet, inspiring a playwright to turn her Voyager experiences into an anti-war parable.
Air Date: April 26th 2000
23. Fury
An older version of Kes appears on Voyager and begins to tear the ship apart before jumping back three years into the past to prevent herself from beoming the 'being of light' - and in the process sacrifice the crew.
Air Date: May 3rd 2000
24. Life Line
When Earth's "Pathfinder Project" transmits its first block of data to Voyager, the Doctor receives disturbing news - Louis Zimmerman, the creator of the Doctor's program, is dying. Hoping to save this "father" he's never met, the Doctor's program is transmitted back to the Alpha Quadrant.
Air Date: May 10th 2000
25. The Haunting of Deck Twelve
Neelix tells the Borg children a fantasy story about a ghost who haunts Deck Twelve, while an electromagnetic life-form takes possession of the ship and begins to shut it down bit by bit.
Air Date: May 17th 2000
26. Unimatrix Zero
Season Finale. Seven discovers 'Unimatrix Zero', a mentally created paradise where Borg with a specific malfunction are able to meet and interact in their previous bodies. The Collective soon learns of its existence and try to destroy it - with Voyager's crew captured in the process.
Air Date: May 24th 2000

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