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1. Night
Passing through a region of total emptiness, the crew tension level rises - and soon they become caught in the middle of a battle between two alien races.
Preview Oct. 14th 1998
2. Drone
The Doctor's mobile emitter technology mysteriously fuses with Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes to create a new lifeform - a 29th century Superborg.
Preview Oct. 21st 1998
3. Extreme Risk
The test flight of 'The Delta Flyer', a super-shuttlecraft, becomes a race against a group of aliens to retrieve an alien probe carrying advanced technology.
Preview Oct. 28th 1998
4. In the Flesh
The crew discover an abandoned holographic recreation of San Fransisco. Chakotay falls for one of the simulations, but she's not what she seems.
Preview Nov. 4th 1998
5. Once Upon a Time
Wildman, Paris & Tuvok take The Delta Flyer out on a mission and end up crashing on a planet. While Voyager searches, Neelix babysits Wildman's daughter.
Preview Nov. 11th 1998
6. Timeless
15 years after an experiment returns Voyager home, the two sole survivors of the trip try sending a message back in time to stop it, with Starfleet in hot pursuit.
Preview Nov. 18th 1998
7. Infinite Regress
Hit by an alien weapon, Seven begins taking on the personalities of those victims the Borg have assimilated, and they start taking their revenge out on her mind.
Preview Nov. 25th 1998
8. Nothing Human
After an injured alien latches itself onto Torres, The Doctor creates another holographic physician - a Cardassian exobiologist, to save her life.
Preview Dec. 2nd 1998
9. Thirty Days
'The Delta Flyer' is dispatched on a mission under the depths of a water-covered planet. Meanwhile Paris gets help from the Delany sisters.
Preview Dec. 9th 1998
10. Counterpoint
Voyager rescues two families of telepathic alien refugees from the Devore Imperium, they are intercepted by Devore inspectors searching for the defectors.
Preview Dec. 16th 1998
11. Latent Image
The Doctor takes up the 24th century equivalent of photography and discovers someone is tampering with his memory - his new hobby providing the clues...
Preview Jan. 20th 1999
12. Bride of Chaotica
Aliens from another dimension make first contact - with the evil Dr. Chaotica from Paris' "Captain Proton" holodeck program which they think is reality..
Preview Jan. 27th 1999
13. Gravity
Tuvok, Tom and the Doctor become trapped on an alien planet where Tuvok gets close to alien woman (Lori Petty) who brings up his past memories..
Preview Feb. 3rd 1999
14. Bliss
Encountering what appears to be a wormhole home, The Doctor and Seven learn not only that the anomaly is alive, but its brainwashed the rest of the crew.
Preview Feb. 10th 1999

15. & 16. Dark Frontier
2hr Telemovie. Janeway launches an ambitious plan to steal a piece of Borg technology that could get Voyager home, but the Borg access Seven of Nine's neural transceiver and warn her to rejoin the collective or the Voyager crew will be assimilated. Janeway must confront the Borg and their evil Queen in their own vessel in order to rescue Seven.
30-Sec Preview   60-Sec Preview Feb. 17th 1999
17. The Disease
Kim has a passionate affair with an exotic alien explorer. But the escapade puts the crew in jeopardy when the pair become biochemically interdependent.
Air Date: February 24th 1999
18. Course: Oblivion
The replicants from the 'Demon' planet leave their home once they believe they're stable - but they begin to melt and must hurry to find another Y-class planet.
Air Date: March 3rd 1999
19. The Fight
Passing through a region of 'chaotic space', Chakotay goes on a vision quest in which he visions himself as a boxer fighting a variety of unknown aliens.
Air Date: March 24th 1999
20. Think Tank
Cornered by a fleet of bounty hunters, Voyager seeks help from an alien 'Think Tank', whose leader (Jason Alexander) demands that Seven must join him.
Air Date: March 31st 1999
21. Juggernaut
Voyager rescues two crew members of an abandoned, out-of-control Malon freighter that is about to unleash radiation into the sector.
Air Date: April 26th 1999
22. Someone to Watch Over Me
While tutoring Seven in social graces, The Doctor finds himself falling for her; and Neelix commits a serious diplomatic error while working out a trade agreement.
Air Date: April 28th 1999
23. 11:59
Janeway looks back on the life of her ancestor, a 20th century woman who was committed to constructing a model for the first Martian colony.
Air Date: May 5th 1999
24. Relativity
Captain Braxton of the 29th-century Timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine as part of a mystery that spans five centuries.
Air Date: May 12th 1999
25. Warhead
The crew discovers a damaged weapon with sentient, artificial intelligence and it threatens to destroy them by linking to The Doctor's program.
Air Date: May 19th 1999
26. Equinox (1/2)
Season Finale. Voyager encounters another Federation ship and helps them fend off an alien attack. Then Janeway realises the other captain's deadly

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