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1. Scorpion, Part II
Reaching a shaky agreement with the Borg, Janeway attempts to co-operate with them in destroying Species 8472. The Doctor discovers that Kes' memories are being accessed.
Preview   Sept. 3rd 1997
2. The Gift
As Kes begins to move into another level of existence, the ship begins to go with her, and she makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the crew. 7-of-9 has most of her Borg implants removed.
Preview   Sept. 10th 1997
3. A Day of Honor
Paris and Torres become stranded in space after their shuttle explodes, and as the life support in their EVA suits run out they realise their true feelings for each other.
Preview   Sept. 17th 1997
4. Nemesis
Chakotay is marooned on a planet where the two inhabiting alien lifeforms are at war with each other. He is captured by one of the tribes and joins them in their battle against a ferocious enemy.
Preview   Sept. 24th 1997
5. Revulsion
On an alien ship, The Doctor & Torres discover the sole survivor is a sanitation hologram whose turned psychotic about cleanliness. Kim feels attraction towards Seven-of-Nine.
Preview   Oct. 1st 1997
6. The Raven
Seven of Nine escapes from Voyager when she believes she is being summoned by The Borg, and discovers the same Borg vessel which captured her when she was a child.
Preview   Oct. 8th 1997
7. Scientific Method
The crew become victims of an alien experiment, by a race that's invisible to them. The Doctor becomes trapped on the holodeck & discovers a way for Seven-of-Nine to 'see' the creatures.
Preview   Oct. 29th 1997
8. The Year of Hell, Part I
Krenim leader General Annorax alters time so as to bring his dead family back to life, and the next step in his plans is to remove Voyager from existence.
Preview   Nov. 5th 1997
9. The Year of Hell, Part II
With Voyager in ruin, the crew scattered and time running out, there is but one chance for all of them to be saved.
Preview   Nov. 12th 1997
10. Random Thoughts
The crew come across an alien planet which has a black market selling 'negative thoughts', and Torres is accussed of having them.
Preview   Nov. 19th 1997
11. Concerning Flight
An alien with a powerful transporter-device steals all the computer equipment off Voyager, leaving it adrift. Janeway is accidentally transported and must use DaVinci's help to return the equipment.
Preview   Nov. 26th 1997
12. Mortal Coil
Neelix is killed on an away mission to retrieve energystores for the ship, and he's resurrected via Borg technology. This has a profound impact on how he sees life, and how he lives it.
Preview   Dec. 17th 1997
13. Waking Moments
The crew begin having strange dreams (eg. Tuvok dreams he is naked on the bridge). Soon Chaktoay & the Doc are the only ones awake and they hurry to find the cause.
Preview   Jan. 14th 1997
14. Message in a Bottle
The crew discover an alien comm relay which allows them to send the Doctor over to a Starfleet ship adrift 1000's of light years away. Trouble is that this ship has been taken over by Romulans and the Doc must stop them.
Preview   Jan. 21st 1998
15. Hunters
Retrieving their messages from the alien comm relay, the crew encounter the war-like Hirogen, a race of armoured alien soldiers who spend their time hunting humanoids for recreation.
Preview   Feb. 11th 1998
16. Prey
Coming across a crippled Hirogen ship, the crew discover that a member of Species 8472 was responsible for the damage. The creature gets onboard the ship and causes havoc, while Janeway must stop the Hirogen who want to kill the creature.
Preview   Feb. 18th 1998
17. Retrospect
An alien trader is accused of stealing Borg nanoprobes from Seven-of-Nine, and when Tuvok starts to investigate, the alien turns up dead.
Preview   Feb. 25th 1998
18. The Killing Game, Part I
The Hirogen have taken Voyager and placed the crew in a holodeck simulation of Nazi Europe during WWII, however their memories have been altered to believe it's real.
Preview   March 4th 1998
19. The Killing Game, Part II
An explosion on the holodeck leaves a three-storey hole in Voyager, and soon the mind-altered crew spread throught the ship believeing it's a German bunker. Last Hirogen episode.
Preview   March 4th 1998
20. Vis-a-Vis
An alien named Steth is able to 'steal likenesses', and has attacked and exchanged bodies with Paris. The crew soon find his deception, but he now has Janeway's body.
Preview   April 8th 1998
21. The Omega Directive
After being hit by a unusual subspace shockwave, its revealed that it was from the 'Omega particle' an energy source of such immense power that Starfleet directives order any trace of it destroyed.
Preview   April 15th 1998
22. Unforgettable
Chakotay falls in love with a mysterious alien woman who no-one knows nothing about, yet she claims to have had a passionate affair with him. However she is now a fugitive and a cloaked alien is onboard who is determined to bring her back.
Preview   April 22nd 1998
23. Living Witness
In the distant future, an alien race has come to believe that Voyager adversely and violently affected the course of their race, but upon activating a 'partial backup' of the Doctor they discover some of their beliefs about the ship to be challenged.
Preview   April 29th 1998
24. Demon
On a planet where a strange liquid stands, Kim and Paris are injured. Voyager lands only to discover the two officers cannot breathe Voyager's air anymore, while the liquid isn't what it seems to be and all aboard are in danger.
Preview   May 6th 1998
25. One
With a large dangerous nebula in its path, the crew go into stasis forcing Seven-of-Nine to pilot the ship alone through the treacherous territory, and as the ships systems begin to fail - so does her sanity.
Preview   May 13th 1998
26. Hope and Fear
Season Finale. A mysterious alien comes aboard and decripts Starfleet's coded message. The crew discover that Starfleet has placed an experimental ship at a nearby set of co-ordinates which the crew can use to get home - or have they?.
Preview   May 20th 1998

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