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Star Trek Voyager


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1. Basics, Part II
Left for dead by the Kazon, the crew brave the elements and hostile natives on the primitive planet, while Culluh prepares to annihilate most of the Delta Quadrant.
2. Flashback
When a repressed memory begins killing Tuvok, Janeway melds with him and sees his time onboard the USS Excelsior, under command of Captain Hikaru Sulu.
3. The Chute
Paris and Kim are locked in an alien prison for murder. As they try to figure out how to escape, they are slowly forced to kill each other because of devices attached to them.
4. The Swarm
The Doctor's memory circuits begin to degrade and he must be shut down. Meanwhile, a swarm of space-borne creatures start attaching to the hull and drain it's energy.
5. False Profits
The two Ferengi from TNG's 'The Price' are found on a primitive planet where they rule the population. Neelix infiltrates their lair and soon the people find the truth.
6. Remember
Torres has dreams which show the life of an alien woman who fell in love, but hides the fact that her race committed mass genocide against her husband's race.
7. Sacred Ground
Kes is fatally injured in an alien shrine and Janeway must follow a gruelling ritual to save her life. But will Janeway survive the many tasks that lie ahead?
8. Future's End, Part I
A timeship from the 29th century battles with Voyager, and the ship is flung to Los Angeles 1996. A mad computer mogul named Starling steals the 29th century technology.
9. Future's End, Part II
Starling kidnaps the Doctor and tries completing construction of the starship. If launched, it will tear the solar system apart. Paris teams with a paranoidal young woman.
10. Warlord
The mind of an 200-year-old alien conqueror possess Kes and uses her body to fufil his destiny. The crew try to reach Kes' real mind which is being suppressed by the alien.
11. The Q & the Grey
When the 'Q' Continuum goes into civil war, 'Q' visits Voyager again and plans to have a son with Janeway. As the ship heads for disaster, Janeway visits the Continuum.
12. Macrocosm
Unknown gellatinous lifeforms attack the crew and disable the ship, forcing Janeway into the fight of her life. The Doctor tells her about how the viruses got onboard the ship.
13. Fair Trade
An old Talaxian friend of Neelix cons him to carrying drugs aboard a shuttlecraft. Paris and Chakotay are arrested for the crime, and Neelix runs off like a coward.
14. Alter Ego
A holodeck woman created by Kim begins showing lust for Tuvok. It's soon revealed that she is an alien, and is willing to destroy the ship if she can't have Tuvok.
15. Coda
Janeway dies in a shuttlecraft accident and meets the ghost of her father. However something is not right.
16. Blood Fever
A young Vulcan undergoes the Pon Farr and seeks out Torres to be his mate. She rejects him, but soon her mating instincts kick in and Paris becomes her target of affection.
17. Unity
The crew come across a Borg ship dead in space and consider re-activating it. Meanwhile, Chakotay is stuck on an alien planet and has to link to the Borg Collective to survive.
18. The Darkling
The Doctor decides to investigate new personalities, and soon takes on a Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde kind of persona, and various people's lives are in danger.
19. Rise
Neelix and Tuvok try saving a group of people who are caught on a planet being bombarded by asteroids. Soon Neelix is pushed to breaking point by Tuvok.
20. Favourite Son
Through some strange sense, Kim directs the ship to an alien planet full of women and discover a shocking secret of his birth.
21. Before and After
A strange accident causes Kes to re-live her life backwards on a strange Voyager where The Doctor has hair, and Janeway & Torres are dead.
22. Real Life
The doctor decides to create a holographic family for himself and finds their more trouble than expected. Paris is pulled into a sub-space rift.
23. Distant Origin
An alien discovers that his race may have come from the Alpha Quadrant and kidnaps Chakotay to prove to the closed-minded others about their origin.
24. Displaced
Crewmembers begin mysteriously vanishing and are being replaced by members of an alien race. They appear inside a strange artificial environment.
25. Worst Case Scenario
A holodeck program where the crew mutinies and takes sides to control the ship, is discovered and soon Tuvok and Paris become trapped in it.
26. Scorpion, Part I
Travelling through Borg space, the crew discover a horrifying alien race that are destroying the Borg. Kim is attacked & Janeway allies with the Collective.

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