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Star Trek Voyager


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1. The 37's
Voyager lands on a planet and finds a frozen Amelia Earhart and crew, kidnapped by aliens 400 years ago. Janeway debates the issue of settling on the planet.
2. Initiations
A young Kazon attempts to earn his Olga warrior name by killing Chakotay. He fails and Chakotay brings him aboard a shuttlecraft.
3. Projections
The Doctor walks around a heavily damaged Voyager, and meets Barclay who claims the Doctor is real and the ship and crew are merely holograms.
4. Elogium
Space-borne lifeforms attach to Voyager and cause Kes' fertility cycle to begin. There is only one chance for a child, so Neelix considers becoming a father.
5. Non Sequitur
Kim wakes up in an alternate reality, where he is a dock worker in 24th century San Fransisco. Finding that reality's Tom Paris, he tries to get back.
6. Twisted
An anomaly causes Voyager's structure to compress and twist, trapping crew members in different parts of the ship. Whatever they try to stop it with doesn't work.
7. Partuition
After a bit of feuding, Neelix and Paris crashland a shuttle on a inhospitable planet. Taking refuge in a cave, they help sustain a newborn alien, and protect it when its mother arrives.
8. Persistence of Vision
Janeway sees hallucinations, and soon an alien psionic field causes the crew to become delusional. Kes and the Doctor work to collapse the field.
9. Tattoo
The crew accidentally disturb a village inhabited by a group with Indian origins. Chakotay remembers how he saddened his father by not embracing tradition.
10. Cold Fire
The crew find the Caretaker's Companion on an Ocampan space station, while Kes' psychic abilities begin to grow exponentially and dangerously.
11. Manuevers
Seska, the Cardassian traitor returns, and steals a transporter circuit. Chakotay takes off on his own and to stop her, but is captured and tortured.
12. Resistance
Tuvok and Torres are taken prisoner by Mokra aliens, and Janeway must rely on the help from an old man who thinks she is his daughter.
13. Prototype
The crew come across a dead robot floating in space. Torres activates it, and it abducts her so she can build a prototype for construction of more.
14. Alliances
After a large Kazon attack, Janeway reluctantly decides to negotiate a peace treaty with the Kazon. At the conference, the Kazon have ulterior motives.
15. Threshold
Paris breaks the Warp 10 barrier, but soon his bio-chemistry changes and he transforms into an amphibious creature. Jonas contacts the Kazon again.
16. Meld
When Ensign Suder kills another for no reason, Tuvok decides to learn about violent impulses by having a mind-meld with the man. The results are deadly.
17. Dreadnought
Voyager spots a stray and very powerful Cardassian missile heading for a populated planet. Torres beams aboard and tries to stop it. Jonas contacts Seska.
18. Death Wish
A renegade 'Q' appears asking for asylum. 'Q' arrives to retrieve him, and Janeway must determine his fate with a testimony from Commander Riker.
19. Lifesigns
The Doctor puts Danara Pel, a Vidiian female in stasis and creates a temporary healthy hologram of her being. He befriends her and experiences love.
20. Investigations
Paris leaves to join a Taalaxian fleet. The convoy is attacked, and Seska interrogates Paris. Neelix discovers some distressing news.
21. Deadlock
Voyager goes into a storm and is badly damaged. Suddenly an exact duplicate of the ship appears, and both captains work together to stop the Vidiians.
22. Innocence
Tuvok crash lands on a suppossedly uninhabited moon but finds 3 young children who ask for asylum. They were sent to the moon to die.
23. The Thaw
The crew find aliens in cryostasis and their computer has created a VR world by linking their minds. In that world, their fear has been personified as a clown.
24. Tuvix
A transporter accident combines Tuvok and Neelix, creating a new entity Tuvix. He makes friends, and doesn't want to return back to two people.
25. Resolutions
Janeway and Chakotay contract a deadly virus and remain on a planet which shields its effects. They explore their feelings for each other, while Tuvok takes command.
26. Basics, Part I
Seska tricks the crew, and soon the Kazon attack and takeover the ship. The crew is dumped on a primitive planet, while only The Doctor and Suder remain onboard.

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