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Kite Flying

Animation of My Sports Kite

Red Splat I have had great fun, getting my younger brother to launch the kite - bringing it up real high the diving it as fast as possible on my brother. I have been quite successful in the past - hitting cows - a friend on the forehead. I have also made my friends and relations run by chasing my kite along the ground behind them. Sometimes I fly the kite in Gale force winds which is great fun. My record for turning the kite in a circle, by pulling one string hard, is twelve times, without I hitting the ground and unwinding it again. I don't see many people flying these types in Cornwall, but when I went to Brittany there were many people flying stunt and sport kites, on the beach. Unfortunately my kite does not fly upwards correctly and one of the strings and, at the moment, I am unable to make it work again.