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Building a Web Site

Red Splat 1 Introduction
Red Splat 2 Event Description
Red Splat 3 Event Details
Red Splat 4 Initial Critical Path Diagrams
Red Splat 5 Critical Path Diagram with Passes
Red Splat 6 Critical Path Diagram with CANs
Red Splat 7 Cascade Activity Diagram
Red Splat 8 Improved Cascade Activity Diagram
Red Splat 9 Time Table
Red Splat 10 Evaluation and Feedback

Building web sites is one of my hobbies. Recently I have considered starting my own web site design business. Precedence networks are the perfect answer to arranging time and resources. There are many steps in the building process of a decent web site. It is very important to arrange activities in the correct order, thus preventing mistakes occurring later on in the building of the site. I will base my events on a standard web site, presuming it does not containing scripting or plug-in material, which has to be made from scratch. The events will use resources available on the internet, whilst maintaining an original design and layout. This must be the case, otherwise some events could continue indefinitely.

The listing of preceding activities alone, provides a very helpful check list of the main points required to make a working site. The precedence network and cascade activity diagram will show how to organise to time in the most efficient way, therefore producing a good finished product and satisfied customers. To be completed on time, the critical path on the precedence networks will highlight the importance of certain stages. Ideally, a site should be completed in two working days. This, however is rarely the case as errors in the basic code can take hours to correct if it is not carefully executed at the beginning. The clients might take a whole day to reply to say if they like the design or not, resulting in the project rest being delayed by a day. Floats on the precedence network do not necessarily mean there is nothing at all to do. People who have finished their task before the required time will be used to perform quality checking and evaluate and contribute to the work of others. As the site needs to be progressively checked for errors, with alterations made, I will include these activities within the listed events. It would be very useful to obtain the number of people needed to build a site in the optimum amount of time. Too many people would be counter-productive for this type of work, but too few can lead to unnoticed errors in the finished site and reduce efficiency.

Precedence networks, cascade activity diagrams and resource histograms can also be used to organise a variety of other projects. These include: a building site schedule, decoration of a room, arranging of a party, preparing a five-course dinner and other similar projects that have a number of different activities involved.

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